This year’s dive trips

This is not an exhaustive list of all dives done by the club this year. Informal dives, foreign holidays, midweek dives and so on are commonly arranged between club members. This is a list of our longer trips taken together as a club. To find out about other dive opportunities, read the weekly newsletter or ask around in the pub on Mondays.

How to book

To secure a place on a trip – make a transfer of the deposit to the club account referencing name and the trip code e.g. (NAME – PMK), and email Ed (Treasurer) and Brad (Expedition officer). You will be notified when the final payment is due prior to the trip.

There is no refund on trips, unless you are not yet qualified at the time of the trip, have injury that warrants you unable to dive, or can find a replacement/someone on the waiting list. No-shows will have to pay the full cost.

Dive trips 2022

Date Trip Level Total cost per diver Deposit

6-8 May 2022

Pembrokeshire PMK Ocean diver £175 (ex. accommodation) £85

21-22 May 2022

Sports diver £120 £160

17 – 19 June 2022

Farne Islands FIS Ocean diver £290 (inc. accommodation) £120

23-25 July 2022

Norfolk (shore)
Ocean diver



07 – 11 August 2022

Sports diver 30m+ £470 (ex accommodation) £200

16-19 September 2022

Isle of Man
Sports diver £425 (inc accommodation) £200
More dive trips may become available or get cancelled based on Covid restrictions.