Training in the pool

Pool training is from 8:30 to 9:30 every Monday evening at York Hall (see contacts page). If you intend to train on a Monday evening, you must contact the training officer by email or phone by the Thursday beforehand. You can make this booking the week before at the club. If you do not book into training you will be the last to be allocated kit by an instructor.

Please turn up early (around 8:15) and get set up so you can get in the water promptly.

Remember to pay £3.00 for air.

Please don’t put empty cylinders back in the store. If there is less than 70 bar at the end of your session, please place the cylinder near the pool exit.

Volunteers are always required to carry kit/cylinders outside at the end of pool sessions.

Anybody willing to take a few cylinders to fill now and again will be warmly thanked, pointed in the direction of a local dive shop and reimbursed for the cost of the air fills (ensure you get a receipt for the fills) and get free air for later training.

Please don’t put kit back if it is not working correctly. Bring it to the attention of the Pool Marshall.

Note that unless stated, all lectures are in the meeting room at York Hall pool.


All theory lessons 7:00-8:00pm and pool sessions 8:15-9:30pm. Please confirm your attendance beforehand. 

New dive courses will start later in the year.

Open Water training weekend(s) – Contact Jun-Ho for details