Whether you are new and curious about diving or looking for a new club to join, we’d love to hear from you!

For new divers we offer a £10 try dive session. Please contact us to arrange a try dive to ensure that an instructor is available. This is an hour long session in the pool with an instructor who shows you the basics. You’ll always remember the first time breathing under water. If you join the club after, you’ll be refunded the cost of the try dive.

For questions about joining or coming to meet us, please contact the membership officer by email:

Like to come by for a chat?

After the pool session on a Monday evening we normally convene at the Approach Tavern from 9:30pm onwards. If you are a qualified diver and like to learn more about joining our club or just curious to learn more about diving with us, we’ll be happy to chat.

What is BSAC?

BSAC is the British Sub-Aqua Club and is the biggest dive club in the world. As a member of Hackney Sub Aqua Club, you automatically join BSAC. The difference between BSAC and PADI is that with BSAC you join a club environment and train at a pace that suits you. You are led through the various stages of training and go on dive trips that the club organises. PADI is a commercial training qualification. Both qualifications are universally recognised. Your PADI qualifications are recognised by BSAC.