Returning to Diving: HSAC summary of current BSAC guidance

BSAC has published extensive guidance for returning to diving on its website. The committee has drafted this summary so HSAC members are aware of the new rules, guidance and advice. All members should read this and refer to the BSAC website before they start diving. If people have questions or concerns, contact the Diving Officer (Richard Clegg or another committee member. To the best of our understanding this information is correct as of 22nd February 2021.


If you have a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 you must seek advice from a UK DMC Medical referee before returning to diving. If you have suffered significant symptoms of COVID-19 you must be signed off by a medical referee before diving.

We require a new medical declaration from all club members before they can dive in the pool or open water. Medical declarations or sign off from a doctor must be sent to the membership officer (Jane Ahn
Medical form

BSAC medical guidance


Currently we are in lockdown. Once this is eased we should avoid sharing a car with someone outside our household/bubble and should wear protection if we do. We should avoid public transport at peak hours. Overnight stays are now allowed.  

BSAC travel guidance


There is a risk of the virus spreading through shared diving equipment. To minimise the risk everyone should use their own kit if they have it. If trainees need to use club kit, you need to contact Garry or Chris in advance and a set of HSAC kit will be assigned to you, for your use only. You will be responsible for cleaning it and storing it at home. If you cannot store or carry kit to/from your house please let Garry or Chris ( know and we will make alternative arrangements.
BSAC equipment guidance 

Shore/Quarry diving

Inland sites are currently closed. Government advice is that you maintain 1m distance where possible. BSAC advice is that you try to maintain 2m but obviously it can be necessary to help people kit up. In this case you should be wearing face masks and facing away from each other if possible. A maximum of 6 people can be in the party. As usual, please inform the Diving Officer (Richard Clegg about any dives. With more than 2 people you need a Dive Manager.
BSAC shore diving guidance

Pool diving

York hall is currently closed. On our return we will not be doing rescue drills and will modify drills so we never need to share regulators (eg testing octopus regs). We will update the pool advice as the situation changes. BSAC has provided guidance that for sports activities more than six people can meet eg for classes in pools.
BSAC guidance on the rule of six.
BSAC pool diving guidance

Boat diving

Charter boats are currently closed. Operators have their own rules which they will expect you to follow but typically boats will not offer you food, will want you to minimise use of the head and will want you to socially distance while on the boat. If you go on a boat then as usual please inform the Diving Officer (Richard Clegg about any dives. With more than 2 people you need a Dive Manager.

BSAC boat diving guidance

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Easy to fill in version of medical form
BSAC medical form