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Monday Night Pool Sessions Are Back

After more than two years away due to COVID and repairs, HSAC is back in the York Hall Pool on Monday nights. It was great to see so many people in the pool playing with scuba gear, snorkelling or just enjoying a swim.

We have our usual 20:30 – 21:30 slot, so come down and cool off in the hot weather.

We are still trying to make arrangements for kit storage, so if you require any club gear (cylinders, regs, BCDs, pool fins, weights, weight belts etc.) let us know on the WhatsApp Group by Sunday at 10am and we’ll try to accommodate your requests. Please be specific and let us sizes etc.

Trip Report

Farne Islands: July 2022

Hackney Divers were back diving with seals and looking at octopus in the Farne Islands, off the coast of Northumberland. Another brilliant trip. Great to see new members and some old friends like Tom and Richard T back on the boat.

Trip Report

Weymouth: May 2022

Anne, Pauline, Brad, Sophie, Mick, Robert, Viki, Anna, Anna’s friend Candice, Will and Garry all headed to Weymouth for a weekend of diving aboard Tango. The sun shone, the wind dropped and the viz was good, providing us with some great conditions (apart from the sea fog which drifted in on the Sunday afternoon).

We dived the Black Hawk Bow (a WWII Liberty Ship torpedoed in 1944), the British Inventor (a WWII oil tanker sank in 1940), the Lulworth Banks and a small paddle steamer called the Countess of Urn. We saw lots of rays, cat sharks, huge conger eels, plenty of wrasse, shoals of bib, Garry unsuccessfully wrestled a plaice, and some of us came home with a bag of scallops. To top it all, we came up from our third dive to be greeted by a pod of dolphins!!

Fish and chips watching the sun set over Chesil Beach followed by a few pints in the lovely Cove House Inn really made it a great week.

Trip Report

Sound of Mull: May 2022

Lizzie and Jack’s friend Sarah Chan has bought a dive boat, the MV Honeydew. Lizzie and Jack generously volunteered to help Sarah and her new crew try it out on its first big trip in the Sound of Mull.

Trip Report

Eastbourne: May 2022

Will and Jun Ho were in Eastbourne diving the SS Seven Seas – merchant ship torpedoed by a U-Boat torpedo in WW1 – and the Nylon – a modern freighter which collided with another ship in the 1960s. Snotty viz due to plankton but great dives.

Trip Report

Cave Diving in Mexico

Viki has been exploring Cenotes in Mexico. Cenotes are huge sinkholes formed when the limestone bedrock collapses, creating a natural well by exposing the underground river. The diving looks amazing.

Trip Report

Stoney Cove: April 2022

Jun Ho, Richard, Robert, Elaine, Lizzie, Sophie,  Michele, Jack, Chris and Skipper (Jane’s dog) all had a great weekend at Stoney Cove for some shakedown dives and training. They had amazing weather and managed to get some practice in ahead of the diving season. Michele did his dive marshalling training, Sophie practiced with her new drysuit and everyone had some buoyancy and trim pointers.

Thanks to Jack, Jun Ho and Richard for instructing. And Chris and Skipper for providing shore cover.

Remember if you’re booked on trips this year, it’s important you check your kit, refresh your skills and get dived in before venturing into the deep.