Trip Report

Brighton – a little bit of a clustercuss

The Brighton trip weekend sadly began with a blow out on Saturday, but
the ever-desperate-to-dive Will suggested we have a splash in the
quarry before heading to Brighton in the evening.

image1Anne, Ellie, Jun-Ho, Will, and I took to the waters at St Andrews Lake
in Kent, while Olivia provided excellent shore cover and HSAC’s most
high fashion moment since Pauline went to Tesco’s on a beer run in a
full wetsuit back in May.

We enjoyed the bathtub warmth of the cloudy shallows (19-21 degrees!),
but had better vis (3-4m) at depths where temps were 12 degrees
chillier, and caught sight of a transit van, yacht, gnome garden, and
post box.


In Brighton, we met with remaining divers Brian, Garry, Mick, Andy,
and Brad (and joyfully reunited with Anna!) at our digs for the night,
which were undoubtedly more geared towards the stag/hen crowd than the
responsible, early-rising diver (5 J Bombs for £5, anyone?). We
ventured out to a nearby pub and enjoyed a nice meal and quiet pint
before retiring to our beds.


After a cool and restful night, we were up bright and early Sunday
morning for ropes off at 7:30 AM. Our first dive was on the SS City of
Brisbane – an impressive wreck torpedoed in 1918, 137m long at a
maximum depth of 20m at slack, standing approximately 6m off the sea
floor. There was lots of sea life observed in the incredible wreckage:
shy lobsters, angry crabs, wandering blennies, and menacing eels.

After a quick fill up at Newhaven port, we set out to Kings West Ledge
for a drift dive. Poor vis and a great deal of sand meant some lucky
divers got the opportunity to successfully rehearse separation
procedures, while other pairs had a relaxing 13m drift through a


Sadly, Ellie couldn’t dive due to problems equalising, and Brian’s
cold kept him from a second dive; a blown boot meant soaking-wet Will
couldn’t join us for the drift. Although not everything went to plan,
we thoroughly enjoyed the dives we did and had a wonderful weekend in
the sun. Thanks to Will for managing an excellent trip and to all for
making it a success!