Trip Report


From the 9th to the 13th of July 2018, ten of us went to Normandy. We started bright and early from Brighton Marina on the boat Channel Diver with skippers Steve and Caroline. Due to easterly winds the dive site had to be relocated closer to Dieppe, but we still got to dive incredible wrecks from first and second world war that were full of fish, crabs, lobsters and blennies.


We were impressed by the amount of life that we came across at 25 – 33 meters depth. For some of us, newly qualified Sports Divers, these dives were also great opportunity for depth progression.

Some of the highlights

Just so many blennies

Most wrecks were covered with these little friendly looking fellows.


Free swimming Conger eels and curious bib

Thanks to Jun-Ho for making this awesome video.

Meet lobsters, bib and free swimming conger eels. Preview of Normandy video.

The Yakatan – 33m

This is the wreck of a small French Destroyer that sank December 3rd 1916 due to a collision with a British steamship, north of Dieppe.

Today the wreck rests on her Port side, most of her plating has eroded. Large piles of munitions lay scattered in the wreckage alongside her guns, two large prop shafts bend their way along the length of the wreckage and it was teaming with Bib and other marine life.


Free walking lobster on the train transport wreck HMS Daffodil – 25m

A large landing ship that was used for locomotive transports. HMS Daffodil was lost off Dieppe on March 17th 1945 after striking a mine.


Darkness and spider crabs – 27m

We dived an unknown war wreck. As we were descending it became darker and darker, on the wreck it was almost like a night dive and it was eerie meeting hundreds of spider crabs which may have come together to moult their exoskeleton.



Watching the French celebrate

The town of Dieppe is pleasant with a high street and a beach. We were in town for the semi final of the World Cup and watched the French celebrate their semi final victory for hours.