Trip Report

Stoney Cove

Unfortunately our trip to beautiful Pembrokeshire was blown out this weekend. However, this did not stop our divers – six went to Stoney Cove on Friday and a group of three ventured to Chepstow by public transport for the weekend.


With training dives normally performed at Stoney Cove, the camera normally has to sit out and wait in the car. Diving leisurely meant it could come on a jaunt and we thought we would share a little bit what it’s like to dive at Stoney Cove.

‘Stoney’, a former granite quarry, has been a recreational diving and water sports site since the 1960s. Lots of interesting bits have been sunk here and if your navigational skills are up to scratch you can find the Stanegarth, the largest inland ship wreck in the UK, the Gresham, a wooden boat from c1570, the shell of a helicopter, an aircraft cockpit, busses, cars, yachts, a submarine model, and the Loch Ness monster.

The Gresham – This 16th-century ship was discovered in 2003 in the Thames channel. To help preserve it, it was relocated to Stoney Cove. At only 6m depth it’s a great to dive with lots of light and some crayfish.


The Nautilus – a model of a submarine, next to the arches under the pub at 6m.


The Cockpit – Full of growth and opportunity to swim through – at 7m.


Perch, Nessie and mussels – The deeper dives at 20m can be a bit lifeless but around 6m you can stumble upon rather tame perch and crayfish. There are also a few Pike in the quarry, but they seemed a bit photo shy.


Map of Stoney Cove


View detailed map (PDF)