Trip Report

Lundy 2017

Unfortunately, Friday’s dive was rained of but provided plenty of opportunity to explore Ilfracombe and its surrounding along the coastal path with Lundy in the far distance.



On Saturday, after a choppy 23 mile ride we dived in Bristol Channel around the Knoll Pins and Gannett’s Bay, meeting plenty of its inhabitants – lobsters, dogfish, wrasse, ferns, craps and of course its friendly grey seals who tugged on fins, mouthed and nipped neoprene and played slaps with Liz.



Sunday with calmer weather let us dive on the Atlantic side revealing the weather beaten side of Lundy with cracks and wrinkles along its cliff edge. We dived by Battery Point and the Devil’s Slide with dancing kelb through swells and current.

On the way back to Ilfracombe we made friends with a pod of dolphins riding along the front of the boat – whistling and surfacing – a wonderful end to our three day trip.